Author’s Statement

  12/11/17 Professor Marissa Writing for Digital Media Joseph Donoughe Final: Author’s Statement For my final project, I worked with Kevin Wilson.  We decided to choose to work with our three favorite characteristics of digital media which we have studied in class this semester.  Those are interactive, remix, and collaborative narratives similar to narratives created […]

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What Do I Do in Six Words

This week’s journal entry required me to describe what I do in six words.  To do so, I thought about what I enjoy doing the most. Those things included fishing, playing sports, hanging out with my girlfriend, watching wrestling, playing PlayStation, and eating. There were plenty of other things that I enjoy doing such as […]

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Family Tree

This goal of this week’s journal entry was to create my own “family tree” of who I am most influenced by on social media.  To construct the family tree, I had to begin with the base with who I am most influenced by and branch out with who I think they are most influenced by […]

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Lunch Break Stroll

Today, I completed this weeks journal entry which was, “Take a walk on your lunch break.”  The objective was to go out during my typical break and take note of everything that I heard, everything that I saw, and/ or everything that I thought. Rather than just going out for a walk just to go […]

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Draw a Map of My Week

The title says it all.  This weeks journal entry was just that, as the objective was to map out each day of the week.  This week was a pretty typical week, as I did basically the same as every other one.  To begin, Sunday started at my house, where I was for the weekend, and […]

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Headline This

For this week’s journal entry, I chose to make a poem using headlines found from newspapers.  To do this, I wanted to use some famous headlines that I recognized and any reader probably would too.  So to acquire the content I simply searched “famous newspaper headlines” on google and scrolled through.  It did not take […]

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